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10 Latest Trends of Personalized Tea Boxes to Preserve The Essence of Tea

The whole world starts their day with a fresh cup of tea; such is the importance of tea in the world. There is competition and there is demand, a tea manufacturer has to deal with both things and balance them both in order to be amongst top tea blends of the world. Knowing what type of tea flavors are most liked by the people of your region, the freshness of tea and the tea boxes design are of crucial importance.
Know your tea boxes UK in order to take the tea industry by storm:

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1. Kraft tea boxes in custom shapes of tea flavors
Kraft is always on top in the packaging of any kind. Kraft packaging for tea is the safest option because no matter what your tea flavor or packaging design is, you can do it with Kraft and keep the cost within control to reap higher profits. Tea packaging made of Kraft can be customized into anything at all if your tea has interesting blends of flavors, you can shape the tea box in the main ingredient of tea such as lemon, apple, lavender etc.

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2. Assorted tea bags packaging
You don’t necessarily have to stick to one design for tea boxes for sale, show versatility in design and give the buyer different design tea bags in one pack of tea bags. Every morning they will take a different colored tea back some different inspiration, variety will keep them stuck to your tea brand.


3. Glass jar for loose tea
Preserving the freshness and flavor of tea is everything in the tea industry. Using a glass jar to preserve tea freshness and later covering it with the same shape of cardboard or Kraft cover with all the branding is a unique idea for custom tea boxes.


4. Loose tea in containers to preserve freshness
Loose tea loses its freshness faster so in boxes and containers with all the branding and information regarding tea with really nice looking prints are the best because you can close them back and keep the tea flavor intact in custom printed tea boxes.

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5. Tea packaging with a die cut window display
A very basic type tea box, tea packaging materials or bag with a die cut window to show what is inside is a classic and never-going-out of trend packaging style that show cases the tea inside and helps consumer look at it. If they can look at the product directly, they will definitely give it a try.

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6. Tea bags of different flavors in a drawer box
A tea cardboard box in the shape of a drawer chest and each drawer contains a different flavor of tea bags can make a great tea packaging wholesale for the tea enthusiasts and tea lovers.


7. Premium tea box with a sleeve on top
Basic flat tin box with a sleeve on top having laser cut patterns and brand logo visible can make your tea brand a hit overnight. Try switching the laser cutting with printing or tin with cardboard for a further cost effective packaging by tea packaging company.

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8. Loose tea bag with reseal-able zip lock
Not every tea lover is a fan of fancy packaging and sometimes they just want a simple loose tea bag of their favorite blend to bring it home and enjoy the tea, such bags must carry a zip lock on the top for a fresh experience every time.

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9. Tea bags in tin boxes
Tin boxes are also very useful for tea bags, tea bags will stay arranged in the wholesale tea boxes and you can set rows of different flavors inside it, organized. After taking a bag, the consumer can always close it back properly to keep remaining contents fresh.

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10. Tea bags with special notes for morning motivation
If you want tea boxes wholesale in a very cost effective budget, give the tea lover something nice to start their day with and add an inspirational quote for morning motivation on the flap of the tea bag.